The Name

June 19, 2019

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The Name

So one day early in the career of this young pup, I had him in the kitchen testing out some new toys. You know the routine, how tough they were, can they fit entirely in his mouth, and can he throw them at the wall. I also happen to be savoring a cup of the most delicious clam chowda. (Yes, that’s how we New Englanders pronounce it). Unless its “red’, which is an abomination in my view and I call that…soup.

So I sat there watching the toy testing event to see which would pass the test and which would fail miserable. I took a spoonful of this warm gift from the sea gods and place the cup down next to me on the right. As I glanced over to the melee in the corner I gasped! Where’s the dog!

Now in the split second I knew I should have known better to take my eyes off a puppy even for one second. Was he out the door running into traffic? Jumping into someone’s pool? Or god forbid, stolen!

This is what happens when you neurotic…or have had a puppy before.

My head did a swivel that would have made Linda Blair proud. (Yes, I went there). Quickly I realized I must jump to attention and organize a search party. Even if that search party consisted of just me.

As I turn to grab the cup of chowda at my side, I froze! There, sitting, looking at me was my puppy. With his head turned to ask me what was wrong. My first reaction was of relief and gratitude. But a second later it turn to disdain for the results of my lack of attention.

You see the black puppy now had a white nose. Black labs don’t have white noses, at least until they hit the later stages of life and not on the nostril either. What could that be I asked? Glancing down quickly I realized he had consumed the entire large cup of my chowda like a ninja performing to make his master proud. I was relieved to find him, shocked to see my delicious chowda gone but looking at that face could not be angry.

You see, he did what he’s supposed to do.


And that’s how my dog got his name Chowda.